Controversial law information in France publicly! Polygamy of Muslims, ban on mosque funding! There will be strict surveillance

Bangla Hunt Desk: On Wednesday, the French government released information on a “controversial separatist bill” designed to curb “Islamic extremism.” The protection bill was passed in the lower house of the French parliament on November 24. Following the implementation of this law, mosques in France will be closely monitored. Islamic organizations that receive foreign funding will be controlled, and schools will be shut down for their extremism. A few days ago, there were violent protests against the law in Paris, in which 36 people were injured.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, the French government is preparing a new Atin to deal with “radical Islamization”. But according to critics, the law would alienate Muslims in France. Opposition to the bill has been growing in France, from human rights groups to journalists. According to journalists, the government wants to restrict freedom of information through this bill.

The bill would make it a crime to distort or damage the image of French police officers. Under the bill, giving photographs of police members and officers as well as personal details would also fall into the category of crime.

France has recently witnessed three consecutive terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice. A total of four people were killed and two were seriously injured in the attack. Since then, the French government has been looking for ways to deter radical Muslims. The government has stepped up surveillance of about 50 Islamic organizations and 75 mosques. France wants to expel about 200 extremists who are not French citizens.

The bill, introduced in the French cabinet on Wednesday, will increase surveillance of all mosques in the country. The funds received by them and the training of the Imam will also be monitored. At the same time, strict action will be taken against hate posts on the internet. In addition, government officials have been sentenced to life in prison for intimidation. The bill could reach parliament in early 2021, and a few months later it could become law. Financial support for mosques will be limited to 10,000 euros, no more than that.