Controversy over Payne's run out, poor umpiring India


India-Australia Boxing Day Test (India vs Australia Boxing Day Test) has started in Adelaide. This is the second Test match of the four-match Test series. Aussie captain Tim Payne decided to bat after winning the toss. Australia's first innings ended with 195 runs. The Indian bowlers showed dominance in the first innings. However, despite the dominance of the Indian bowlers, the wrong decision of the umpire was the victim of Team India.

Aussie captain Tim Payne was run out in this match. And all the controversy has been created with this run out. Tim Payne's run-out decision was left to the third umpire as the field umpires could not decide. However, the argument of the third umpire not knocking out Tim Payne did not seem acceptable to the Indian cricketers.

Tim Payne was batting at the crease in the 55th over of the Australian innings. At that time, Rishabh Panth blew the wicket for throwing Umesh Yadav before returning to Payne's crease due to a misunderstanding with another batsman Cameron Green. The field umpire goes to the third umpire to decide this out. After repeatedly watching video footage of the run-out, the third umpire said: “There is no clear evidence that Payne's bat did not reach the crease. So I think Payne's bat can cross the crease even if it's small. That's why I decided not to pay Paine. ” And India captain Ajinkya Rahane could not be happy with the umpire's decision.