Cooking gas can also be booked on WhatsApp, here are some more important rules; Find out with one click

At the moment we are living in the age of internet. From vegetables to food to chess, clothes can be bought with a single click of a mobile phone. Cooking gas can also be booked online to keep pace with the times. Gas booking can be done by sending a refill from your registered mobile number to the WhatsApp number of the concerned company. More information about cooking gas can also be found through WhatsApp.

In addition, the rules for booking cooking gas (LPG) have been changing since the first day of November. Even though booking can be done by phone as before, this time the companies are bringing some strict rules in the case of booking. It has been reported that this rule is being brought to curb black market in cooking gas. Let's not know the new rules

From now on, a special code will come to your phone number while booking cooking gas. Gas delivery will be provided only if you show this special code or DAC delivery boy. Failure to provide this code will result in no gas delivery.

This new system is currently being introduced in 100 cities across the country. If your mobile number is not registered, this code can be known by a special app near the delivery boy. This new rule will be gradually introduced all over the country.

Please be informed that those whose details have not been updated with the gas supply company will face problems in gas delivery. Although this method will not be effective for commercial gas.