Cooking is going on by dipping your hands in boiling oil, watching the viral video is amazing on Netdunia

viral video: If you have ever cooked in your life, you know that a drop of boiling oil can be terrible. But have you ever heard of someone dipping their hands in boiling oil and cooking? Just listening to why you might not have imagined such a scene. But recently such a scene was caught in a viral video.

As can be seen in the viral video, a huge pan has been put in the oven That's why the oil is boiling. An old woman is frying something in that oil. Surprisingly, the old woman did not have anything like a sleeve or a pickaxe in her hand The grill is being dipped in hot oil with bare hands.

Looking at the old woman's expression, it seems that she is dipping her hands in water of normal temperature, not hot oil. The 13-second video has gone viral on social media. Written in the caption of the video, he says sleeves, pickaxes are for fools.

After watching the video, several netizens have already commented on this. Some of them say that the liquid in which he is dipping his hand is saving the old woman from the flame of boiling oil. However, no one has been able to give a clear explanation yet. This video is flooded with likes and comments at every moment. Check out this viral video