'Cool girl' in black crop top-denim, Manami spreading fire on bomb figure, wild viral image


BanglaHunt Desk: Monami Ghosh is a very popular face in the Bengali television world. People have been watching him in TV series for a long time. As such, she is also a very mature actress. However, not only in terms of career, Manami is also very active in social media. From time to time he shares various photos and videos.

Recently, Manami shared a new picture. Black flower sleeve crop top, denim like hotness bomb actress. Mercury figure has woken up netizens at night. This picture of Manami has now taken the social media by storm. The viral image is already in the shares.

However, it is not only Manami who shines in Western dress. She was recently captured on camera in a yellow chiffon sari. Yellow sari, black sleeveless blouse and eye-catching kajal. Older, that's why millions of male fans of Kat Manami. And Manami knows very well how to draw the mind with sweet smile and eye gestures.

A few days ago, the actress herself leaked about the special man in her life. Manami shared a video made by her fanpage in her story. There was a video made by collaging some pictures of him with a young man. The two were awarded the title of 'Best Pair'.

As a result, fans started brawling in Manami's social media comment box. It is known that the name of the man in Manami's mind is Saikat Baruri. He is a photographer by profession. Like Manami, she loves to walk around the beach.

His proof can be found by peeking at his social media handle. There are pictures of him with Manami. The two even went for a walk together. However, despite sharing the story, Manami has not yet said anything openly about it.