Cornish! The jawans crossed the river carrying the body of their colleague on their shoulders, watch the video


BanglaHunt Desk, Video: In any situation, the country is first for a jawan. The jawans crossed the river carrying the corpse of the comrade with whom they had fought shoulder to shoulder in the battle of that country. The net people can't hold back their tears after watching that video.

A District Reserve Guard (DRG) jawan Sukmar breathed his last at a hospital on Saturday. The jawans marched towards Veji village to deliver his body home. But heavy rain blocked the way. The water level of the river rises so much that it becomes impossible to cross it by car.

After being stuck in the car for two hours, the jawans decided to carry the mortal body of their colleague on their shoulders. As seen in the video, the jawans are crossing the river with their coffins on their shoulders in the fast moving water.

The video was shared on social media Twitter by a journalist named Anurag Duari. This love for a dead colleague is truly outstanding. Seeing this, Kurnish had to inform the members of the Central Reserve Force.