Corona attacks become more deadly for Americans than 9/11 attacks: report

BanglaHunt Desk: Almost two years ago today, there was a deadly attack on Al Qaeda in New York City. The 1/4 airplane haunted the whole world in Halma. Twenty-one people died in New York in the United States. The events of that terrorist attack are still apparent to the whole world today. Seven years after that incident, the deadly coronary virus (COVID-19) overtook the horrific event.

1,222 people have already died in New York as a result of the Corona virus. By which evidence that the corona virus has also reduced the rate of attack by 1/4. Almost 20 people were killed in New York in the 9/11 attacks. And so far, about 1,222 people have died in New York as a result of the Corona virus. Which suggests that the deadly Corona virus has spread widely in a short time.

In America, the number of coronary attacks has exceeded 1 million and the death toll has crossed 12,000. Of those, New York has the highest number of casualties: 1.5 million. In France, on the other hand, the death toll from the Corona virus has increased. Already the death toll has exceeded 3,000. Spain has suddenly risen again on Tuesday after the death toll in Spain for the next five days. About one person died in Spain in one day. And the total death toll is around 3,000.

In the United Kingdom, three people died on Tuesday. Here the death toll has risen to about 5,000. The highest death toll in Italy has already exceeded 3,000. On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to the ICU at a London hospital after suffering from the Corona virus. His condition is currently somewhat stable.

On the one hand, while the US and European countries have died due to the Corona virus, not one person died in China on Tuesday. Lockdown bans have also been lifted from his hometown of Corona.

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