Corona attacks This time around, there are at least six journalists in India


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus is becoming more and more dangerous all over the world. In our India too, many people are affected by coronary heart disease. At any moment, we can reach the third stage of the infection. Many doctors and health workers are already infected with corona. Police personnel also died. This time the news media was attacked by Corona.

A corona test was conducted on 16 journalists in the country's commercial city of Mumbai, and the corona virus was found in the bodies of 53 of them.

Besides, a 20-year-old journalist has been confirmed to have coronary infection in Raipur, Chennai. On Tuesday, the body of 20 of his colleagues was also reported to have been seized. The Tamil TV channel has been completely sealed administratively, as well as closed news broadcasts.

Corona has already killed a policeman. Anil Kohli, Commissioner of Police in Ludhiana, Punjab. He died at SPS Hospital in Ludhiana.

The number of people infected with the deadly virus in India so far is 16,601. 590 people died. 3252 people have recovered. 14659 people are undergoing treatment. Maharashtra is the worst affected state. So far, the number of people affected is 6.

However, the Health Ministry has said that the number of coronary cases in India is much under control. However, the future of India in the next 5-6 days depends on the future, said Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS).

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