Corona controls Vietnam, attack 20, dead zero

BanglaHunt Desk: COVIED-19 virus from China. The whole world is for that matter. One week ago the first two patients with Covid-1 were identified in that country. Only thirteen kilometers (uhana) in China, the number of victims in that day has risen to seven thousand, dead 5. The name of the place is Hanoi. Various museums, parks, even doll-plays were seen in the water – freely. Not a city, but a moving sample of cleanliness. Every man should be eager to give a sense of cleanliness. In the meantime, the number of people infected with Covid 8 in Vietnam has increased by 3 February. The 'coronavirus' is not less than Vietnam's population, close to ten billion. It is not easy to spread the word in every home. But one of the things the Vietnam Health Office did to prevent Corona was to communicate directly with people, not just advertising.

In Vietnam there is a provision of quality humanitarian care for every person, the public health system is also very advanced. Therefore, it is easy to prevent disease and prevent death from disease. The potential for the spread of the novel corona virus is so high that, despite such caution, the gap may increase, with the last few days of March increasing the number of infected people to around two hundred. Public health experts fear that the outbreak of that number 1 trauma has fueled the escalation. Once mixed in the population, it is difficult to isolate it.

China did not control the situation through lockdown, it could not be brought. Lockdown also has very good quality health infrastructure in that country. Most of the countries locked in Europe have strong medical infrastructure, so excluding Italy and Spain are around a percent of the mortality in most European countries. Medical infrastructure cannot be built in one day, but in times of crisis it is easy to build something new. The whole world is witnessing how much private worship has failed, and the more private-dependent the country is in danger. The Indian government could have built a strong government-backed health system in this crisis.

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