Corona epidemic gave the good news! The success of the corona vaccine was found in monkey bodies

BanglaHunt Desk: Another good news came in the wake of the Maroon virus corona epidemic. China is showing a glimmer of hope to get rid of the malaria virus. Researchers in China claim that for the first time in the history of the country, a drug test has succeeded. The antidote has worked successfully in the body of the monkey.

The researchers claim that the vaccine was developed by the Chinese company Synovac Biotech. Named PiCoVacc. And the positive results came in the test of that organization. This antidote has been reported to act on the body of the Indian monkey species, Rhesus macaques.

During the trial, researchers injected the vaccine into the monkey's body. Corona is then transmitted to their body. With the exception of three weeks, they develop coronary heart disease. According to a report in Science Magazine, the antidote is producing antibodies to the virus. Not just corona, which can fight any common virus.

The researchers found that the corona could not enter the lungs of monkeys that had been vaccinated. But those who have not been vaccinated have been diagnosed with pneumonia within a few days.

Chinese researchers have been working on the vaccine since mid-April. On the other hand, another vaccine test made by the Chinese Military Institute is going on in the human body. Two days ago, Italian researchers said that after making antibodies to coronavirus in the body of rats, it also worked in human cells. Specialists at the Splanjani Hospital in Rome have developed an antidote for corona.

International media reports have been successful in applying the vaccine to rats. This time, if it is applied to the human body, success will match. The world is in turmoil after this demand from Rome.

Meanwhile, the good news is given by the Jenner Institute in Oxford. Clinical trials of the vaccine have already begun there, on the basis of which they hope that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available by September 2020.