Corona epidemic has increased Muslim hatred in India! Shashi Tharoor said while attending the ceremony in Pakistan

Bengali Hunt Desk: The Congress was again accused of insulting India in front of Pakistan. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who attended the Lahore Literary Festival via video conference, said, “The Corona epidemic has created anti-Muslim hatred in India.” He said the Tabligh Jamaat was being blamed for spreading corona in India. But nothing is being said about the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trump in Ahmedabad. In fact, behind this epidemic, the goal of one class of people is to spread Muslim hatred in the whole country.

He said that Rahul Gandhi had warned in February that the country was in danger of a corona epidemic. But then the government did not listen. Rahul Gandhi said that if the government does not prepare for this epidemic, then the country will face financial disaster. He said that Rahul Gandhi deserves praise for this.

After this remark by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, BJP leader Sambit Patra took him in one hand. He said Shashi Tharoor was insulting India. His job is to make India smaller in front of everyone. ” Patra said a survey of Indian media houses showed that the people of India were satisfied with Narendra Modi's work. He said the whole world is watching with Corona how Narendra Modi has kept India safe, there has been a timely lockdown. How food has been delivered to 800 million people and the government aims to deliver rations to the people by the next Chhatpujo.

Patra explained how India has worked to supply hydroxychloroquine to 150 countries. Even after this, insulting India with such statements is being done again in front of Pakistan. “Imagine the mentality of Rahul Gandhi's friend Shashi Tharoor,” he said.