Corona epidemic: The entire family suffered, so a girl collected garbage in the garbage


A heartbreaking incident has happened in an area of ​​Chandigarh. Many were shocked when it came to public. A small child was collecting paddy from the trash left behind. Because the child reported that he did not eat for a long time and his entire family was not able to eat locks.

And after the incident, the administration said that they have allocated a lot of money and sent a lot of wheat but it is unknown why the Tao is not providing food to the poor people. He has locked down the service for the next 20 days, to keep it normal and under control.

Seventeen days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing. Now, as the time progresses, several states are extending the lockdown period until April 7. Outside, strict restrictions have been imposed. Many people have become more troubled with the food they eat every day.

The Corona virus, which has spread from China, has already reached death on earth. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. There is no way of knowing what is going on day to day and night to day. Because everyone is now home detained to escape danger.

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