Corona Fighter: The founders of Instagram created the Corona Tracking System


BanglaHunt Desk: Instagram founders Kevin Sistrom and Mike Kreiger, launching the new Corona virus trucking system,, will track how many people are infected by an infected person. This is the first time that they have engaged in a new project since leaving Facebook.

RT calculates the effective fertility rate of the corona virus in each region. It is easy to estimate how many secondary infections are likely to result from a single infection in a particular region. A value higher than 1.5 means we should expect more cases in that area, if a value less than 1.5 will reduce the virus transmission there.

In fact, the Government of India is already launching this app, which will make it easier to identify people with coronas. The Cure Bridge app was launched a few days ago to help prevent and protect the coroner epidemic. More than two billion people have downloaded the app in just one week. In 5 days, the number of million has increased.

It will be connected via smartphone. If you turn on Bluetooth and data by turning on the smartphone location, this app will start working. If a person comes in contact with a coronary person somewhere, this app will be informed via. Again, even if a healthy person arrives within 5 feet of a healthy person, this app will start working on him.

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