Corona germs were found in Paris waters, the administration woke up worried

Banglahunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) germ has been found in Paris water. The incident prompted panic throughout Paris. However, this water is used to clean the streets of Paris. Currently, Paris officials are seeing this issue well.

Except for China, the Corona virus has spread all over the world. Fear has stirred the hearts of the people. Although originating in China, the disease has affected Europe's countries more. Italy, Spain, France, America, Germany has become death. Various scientists are constantly striving to find the right antidote for the disease. Meanwhile, the virus was found in the waters of Paris. The Parisian government was worried.

This Parisian water is used only for roadways, drainage operations. This water is taken from the Sin River or Canal. However, after the incident, 27 samples were collected from the capital, out of which the coroner virus was detected in five. However, this water is again used in the fountain work in Paris. However, no problem was found in drinking water till date. Drinking water is supplied from other places. However, at present, the water supply has been stopped because of the corona virus.

So far in France, the number of Corona attacks has exceeded 8,212,000. However, about 5,000 of them returned home recovering. Although many people all over the world are exposed to the virus, but people are already healed.

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