Corona has come because of persecution of Muslims! Said Sauddin expressed his anger against Modi

Bangla Hunt Desk: Syed Salauddin, the head of the militant organization Hizbul mujahideen, joined the Coronavirus religion. According to militant leader Syed, the coronavirus epidemic has spread because Muslims are being persecuted all over the world. Salauddin also says that this time, the disease will swallow people who have caused problems for Muslims all over the world. The infamous militant has issued an audio message of his own, threatening world leaders alike.

Salauddin says, 'Corona is an illness that has no cure. Science has also bowed before this disease. And the main reason for this illness is the persecution of Muslims all over the world. They are being tortured unnecessarily. Rohingya Muslims, Palestinian Muslims and Kashmiri Muslims are being persecuted. And this is why the disease is spread in such a way. Some Muslims have forgotten their actions in the benefit of the government, they are equally guilty of this. ”

The militant leader says that one should be wary of this disease, but Allah is the greatest. The Kashmiri Muslims in India are being persecuted by Prime Minister Modi (narendra modi). This disease has spread its influence all over the world. We should be careful and trust in God at this time.

Who is this Saladin? Everyone knows Syed Mohammad Yusuf Shah as Syed Salauddin. As head of the militant organization Hizbul Mujahideen, he has carried out several militant operations in the Kashmir Valley. Salauddin's family lives a luxurious life in Kashmir. His three children are in good standing in the state government. He himself lives in a safe house in Pakistan. And from there, he constantly incites Kashmiri youth.

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