Corona healthy patient's blood is being sold on the internet, the price of 1 liter is 10 lakh rupees

BanglaHunt Desk: The number of corona infections in the world has now exceeded 34 lakh 70 thousand, and the number of deaths in corona is increasing day by day. And in the meanwhile, a shocking incident has come to light after the corona became positive, the blood of the rescued patients is being bought and sold freely. Corona has not yet discovered a drug. But people's fears are growing day by day. So rich people bought it so they could prevent corona. The Australian Criminology Institute has published data on the illegal sale of this blood.

Creates. This eliminates or eliminates the risk of recurrent attacks. In the case of corona, scientists think that once infected with corona, the patient will not get sick again.

That is why many people are using the blood of corona patients in their own body. This is being done to make antibodies in one's own body. Antibodies are a type of protein. This particular virus is being used to kill this virus. Survivors of this disease are somehow trying to get the blood of such people so that they too can stay safe without getting sick.

And associated with it are cyber criminals. They are illegally buying blood to make money and selling it to the public at high prices on the internet. And people are buying watches to save themselves. Again it is being shown as a net “passive vaccine”. And this blood is being sold freely on the Dark Net. Here are a few browsers that can be used and purchased through it. From 10 ml to one liter of blood is available for 10 lakh rupees.