Corona Impact: Renowned car manufacturing company from China

BanglaHunt Desk: Damaged coronavirus from China. The whole world is shaking. China has just turned its back on Corona. Meanwhile, bad news for China. Renault, a French car maker, has decided to cut business from China.

When the world is suffering from corona, this is a difficult decision to make. It is reported that Renault Company will no longer sell passenger cars in China, but it will continue to sell commercial vehicles and electric vehicles. Renault is a joint venture with China. Their partner was Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Now that Renault has decided to move out of the country, it is reported that Renault is selling a portion of its stake to Dongfeng Motor Corporation.

In a press release, the company said, “ICE Group has entered into a preliminary agreement with Renault Dongfeng Motor Corporation on passenger cars. As it has been said, Renault will hand over its shares to Dongfeng Motor Corporation. As well, DRAC has been told that it will stop all activities related to the Renault brand. It is reported that Renault will continue to provide high quality aftersales services to its 5 million customers through dealer and Alliance's CNG.

It is important to note that the automotive industry has suffered a huge loss due to the coroner's jar. Many say they have never seen a situation like this before. At the moment, the trend is evident in many companies, working together. Because it is believed that the lockdown's prolonged break will cause serious damage to automakers as well as the industry in general. But one thing is clear, the company will continue to work in China with electric vehicles.

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