Corona is going to make a big change in football next time, FIFA gave the green signal.


At the moment the whole world is affected by Corona. The sports world is at a standstill due to Corona. However, as soon as the Corona outbreak subsides, the stalled football leagues will start quickly. Footballers from different European countries have already started training. Practice has begun, especially in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Corona will put a lot of pressure on the footballers when the football league, which has come to a halt next time, starts firing. That will increase the chances of injury. Therefore, keeping in mind the injuries and stress of the footballers, FIFA, the highest governing body of world football, has decided to increase the number of changes in the footballers. Earlier, football teams could change the number of footballers by three in each match, but now FIFA has proposed to increase that number to five.

According to FIFA, FIFA will allow the launch of various leagues in accordance with this rule. However, this rule is not for life but for short term. FIFA has stated that this rule will continue until 31 December 2020.