Corona is losing plasma therapy in India, know the experience of a plasma donor


BanglaHunt Desk: Plasma therapy is expected to cure corona patients. Tests for this therapy have also had some good results. The government is appealing to all patients to donate plasma. But for many reasons people are not coming forward. In such a situation, some people like Sumit Singh from Ahmedabad, Gujarat are encouraging others to do the same. Sumiti, who defeated the corona virus after treatment, has now donated her plasma to save other patients.

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So proud of umsumitisingh ???? I urge all survivors to check with their doctors and donate their blood plasma if eligible to help critical patients who are on the road to recovery.?? Also a big Thank You Sumiti for spreading awareness #KokiPoochega. . . #Repost umsumitisingh donated ・ ・ I donated my blood plasma today— A person who has recovered from COVID is able to make antibodies against it. Also if you don’t have any pre existing ailments you are considered a healthy body and CAN donate your blood plasma, if willing, for the benefit of patients in a critical condition. With great joy and pride I am able to share that I fit all the necessary criteria to donate plasma and did so today at the Red Cross Ahmedabad. The procedure: – The procedure to donate plasma is the same as when you donate blood. There is one needle that is used to draw blood from your body, and the blood runs through tubes that carry it into a machine. That machine separates the plasma from the blood. The same needle sends back blood to your body while the (yellowish colored) plasma is collected in a bag. It & # 039; s all toO cool. This happens through multiple cycles. I was also informed that the body will replenish the plasma in 24 – 48 hours. Dear Positives / Now Negatives… This was my first blood plasma donation experience. My feelings were oscillating between nervousness and excitement. On one part I was unsure about the procedure and how I’d feel thereafter. On the other hand there was a desire to contribute in any way I could in the war against COVID. If it helped anyone, anywhere I was doing it. Expect 2 needle pricks. The first one to check if you have antibodies. The second one to draw blood out and transfer it back in. The procedure lasted 30-40 minutes. Most of this time I was fine, however for 3- 4 minutes I felt nauseous and light headed. My doctors at the Red Cross, immediately helped me with what I was feeling and put me at ease. I have been completely fine, thereafter. SVP hospital is the first in India to get approvals for trials for Plasma Therapy and I wish them all the luck in the world & thank them for taking me through this. If I can do it. maybe you can too

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After returning from Finland, Sumiti developed a fever, followed by a mild cough and chest pain. His corona had mild symptoms. He was admitted to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hospital in Ahmedabad on March 17 and recovered on March 29. They didn’t have to go on oxygen and ventilators. He was the first patient to recover after killing Corona in Ahmedabad.

Plasma therapy was not widely discussed at the time, and no investigation was launched. But when Sumiti returned to the hospital for a follow-up checkup after a 14-day recovery, doctors told her she could donate plasma to help other patients with corona. Sumiti wanted to help other patients and physicians who fought in this war, but she and her family also had many doubts.

The same fears come to the minds of other people who have returned from Corona. If there are antibodies in the plasma, will their antibodies decrease after the grant? Would the grant process be more complicated or painful? Will there be any infection with the needle?

But the doctors answered all of Sumiti's questions. He was told that the body produces a large number of antibodies and a small portion of their antibodies are taken from the person recovered through that donation and this happens in a very short time. This is exactly the same procedure as when donating blood and disposable needles and tubes are used at this time. Which is taken new for each person. Doctors said that since Carono has recovered and has no other disease and has antibodies in his body, he can donate plasma. A person can do it of his own free will, there is no pressure on him.

Donated 500 mL of plasma. After getting all her questions answered, Sumiti's fears subsided and she decided that while on duty she would donate her plasma in an effort to save other people's lives. What was then, Sumiti reached for the grant. The part where the plasma grant is processed is completely different from the coronary patient ward. Sumiti says the whole process took 30 to 40 minutes and 500ml of his plasma was taken. Sumiti has never donated blood before. It was new to him. However, he said that everything went very smoothly. For a few minutes in the middle of course there was a bit of panic and a headache. However, with the help of doctors, he recovered. According to doctors, there is no reason to panic, because even at the time of blood donation, it seems to have been there for some time.

Sumiti said, “Corona patients have to be hospitalized for 10 to 20 days. Blood tests or swab tests are taken every two or three days. These are all uncertain. No one wants that, ”said Sumiti. Love it and no one does it. But when you get out of the hospital, you feel like it’s over now. But when someone says you have to give plasma. ”

Sumiti said – “I would say that the process is not so painful, if you have done so much, you will not be able to do anything else for someone else's life. We are lucky that we survived but now we have a chance to save the lives of others. ”

Sumiti is survived by her parents and one sister. Sumiti expressed her gratitude that the virus was not transmitted to her family members. Sumiti is now healthy and sitting at home. But still taking full care like everyone else. This is because the WHO further stated that there was no evidence that anyone could have had a cause after the antibody was developed. Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan also praised Sumiti's contribution.