“Corona is the result of human sin,” as Dharmendra said Bangla Hunt


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona 'storm' is raging all over the world. One world after another has been plundered. India is also in a difficult situation. Normally a war is going on against Corona. Tired of seeing people dying all over the world. This year, actor Dharmendra said, “This is not the result of human sin.” This is the horror of the people today.
Dharmendra recently shared a video on his Twitter handle. The video captioned, 'Live a honest life. God will help you all the time. ”Dharmendra said,“ Today people are punished for what they have done. Do not do this is the result of our evil deeds. If we had thought about humanity, loved humanity, today would not have been the case. There is still time, take education. Love humanity, save it. “

Then Dharmendra folded his hands and added, “Today I am very sad. To Him (God), to Himself, to His own children, to the whole world, to be one for humanity. ” Posting the video has gone viral in the net world. This person has liked many videos. Many have agreed with the actor.

One said, 'You have said a very nice word. Take care of yourself. ”Another Twitter user wrote, 'I don't know if people will still feel. In this situation, it is understood that people only need to have lunch and two clothes. ” A man with a good mind and honest man can speak of humanity. Your message will give people courage in the fight against Corona. That's why everyone calls you 'A Man with a Golden Heart'.

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