Corona Jodha: Haryana's Kapil distributes food to thousands using social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Social media is considered offensive in the eyes of the general public, where a number of users in disguise openly work to spread hatred and animosity. It was learned yesterday that even in this lockdown situation, some ugly boys are uploading pornographic pictures, videos and raping girls on social media. But even in this time of loss, many are using social media for good. Kapil Agarwal from Haryana is one of them.

Kapil Agarwal has used the Twitter platform to feed thousands across India. Talking about his initiative, Corona Joddha said: “Since the start of the lockdown, efforts have been made to provide rations and food to various areas of Gurugram on information received through tweets, messages and other means. “So far, rations have been provided to about a thousand families and food has been provided to about 50,000 people, and this work will continue in the future.”

Agarwal said they are a group of 12 to 13 people who are using their personal vehicles to deliver cooked food and rations in the coronavirus lockdown. He said his team members feed about 7,000 to 10,000 people every day. He and his friends initially funded the project on their own, but now they have secured support from the Haryana government, he said.

In addition to distributing rations and food packets, Kapil Agarwal and his team are distributing masks, also assisting in emergencies.