Corona Jung: Go to the father but come back soon, the photo of a daughter of a policeman is viral

BanglaHunt Desk: COVIED-19, with which the world shines. The police department's activities have increased even after the corona virus spread in Varanasi in the presence of five victims on the same day. Police officers and employees are not able to spend time in the family. Meanwhile, a picture is going viral on social media so that the daughter of a police officer is saying goodbye to them.

Varanasi police officers and employees who are on duty during the disaster in Corona are also away from family nowadays. On Saturday, SP Gramin Martand Prakash Singh left for duty, his younger daughter Anaya Martand Singh had gone to the gate. He was saying, “Go, daddy, come soon.”

A soldier standing near the scene of the father-daughter dialogue was caught on his mobile. Seeing this film starts to go viral. At the same time, SP Gramin Martand Prakash Singh became very emotional by saying goodbye to his daughter.

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