Corona outbreak from India will end on July 26 and the world by December 9! Claim researchers

Bengali Hunt Desk: Coronavirus infections are spreading rapidly around the world. So far, more than two million people worldwide have died from the deadly virus, and more than three million have been infected. Lockdown is taking place all over the world to prevent the spread of corona infection. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Technology and Design in Singapore have claimed that the corona virus will be eradicated from the world by December 9. They have also made a guess about India, according to that guess, Corona could be completely wiped out in India by July 28.

People around the world are under house arrest due to the coronavirus. Don't ask the same question in everyone's mind, when will it go away? People also think that the corona virus infection will increase after the lockdown is over. Responding to this human question, researchers at the University of Technology and Design at the University of Singapore have shown the world the light of hope through artificial intelligence driven data analysis.

According to research, corona infections will be eradicated from all countries of the world by the beginning of December. The study also said that Corona would be extinct by August 26 in the United States, August 8 in Spain, August 25 in Italy and July 28 in India.

Researchers say three times the epidemic is over. According to the study, 98% of corona will be destroyed, 99% and 100% will be destroyed. Studies have estimated this by looking at each season and the status of the corona there, the number of deaths and the number of patients recovering. According to that estimate, April 9 was the time when Corona was eliminated from China. According to the study, 98% of the world's corona will be extinct by May 30 and 99% by June 18. And 100 percent will be finished by December 9.

The end of the corona outbreak in India will begin on May 22. According to the study, 98 per cent of cases in India will be completed by May 22, 99 per cent by June 1 and 100 per cent by July 28.