Corona-positive three Indian Maulana in Nepal! They were hiding in the mosque

Bangla Hunt Desk: The reports of three Indian Maulana, who were in custody in Nepal and in the isolation ward, have come back positive. They are said to be close to three Jalim Mukhiya. They were hiding in a masked mosque in the Birgunj metropolitan area. Delhi's Jamaat-e-Islami and its role in keeping the three men under wraps are being investigated. And after this incident, Zalim Mukhiya Parsa met with the district administration officials of Birgunj and declared himself innocent.

Ganga Panta, SP, Birgunj, said, “One week ago, I got news of three Indian Maulana's hiding in a Jama Masjid. Police arrested them and shifted to Isolation Ward. They were sent to the Stormy Disease Investigation Center for blood samples. The report came on Sunday, and Corona was reported in the report.

Police said they are now investigating the connection with the Tabligh church in Delhi. Assistant District Officer Lalit Kumar told that the three Indian Maulana were kept in the isolation ward of Narayani Hospital. They are said to be close to the three oppressors. Jama Masjid has a very close relationship with the administration of the masked mosque.

Now the Nepalese police are investigating what is the role of Jalim Mukhiya in hiding the three Indian Maulana in a hidden Jama Masjid? The SP said that if the role of the oppressor Mukhiya was proved, then strict action would be taken against him.

Let me tell you, this vicious person was on the plan to spread the Corona virus in India. According to media reports, Zalim Mukhi, a resident of Jagannathpur in Nepal, conspired to spread the Corona virus in India. This information was sent to Bihar's Home Secretary I Subhani. He then began investigating the case and increased the alert on the Indo-Nepal border.

The tyrant is known as the smuggler of the tool. He smuggles a weapon into the Nepal border. It is heard that he is the mayor of Jagannathpur in Parasa district of Nepal. Zalim Mukhiya is also an active member of the Communist Party of Nepal. He was even a member of the Maoist group. Counterfeiters smuggling fake notes and tools have now begun to spread the Corona virus in India. However, Jamil chief has termed these allegations a conspiracy against him.

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