Corona says the Australian Cricket Board is going to ban the use of spit or saliva next time.


The corona virus has caused an epidemic around the world at the moment. The corona virus is spreading rapidly at the moment. For this reason, the ICC is going to take a new decision. The ICC has suggested that bowlers may no longer use saliva or spit to keep the ball polished during subsequent cricket matches. However, the ICC's proposal is still under discussion and has not yet been finalized. However, the ICC has ruled that the Australian Cricket Board has decided that bowlers will no longer be able to use spit or saliva to keep the ball polished.

This tradition has been going on in cricket for a long time. Bowlers use saliva or spit to keep the ball polished. However, Corona is going to change some rules of cricket later. Notable among them is this rule. Corona later told the bowlers with saliva or spit that the polish could not shine. It is also said that if there is mud, it has to be cleaned under the supervision of the umpire and if the ball gets wet, the bowlers can remove it with the help of a towel kept by the umpire.

The decision was taken by the Australian Cricket Board in consultation with the Australian Government's Department of Health. They report that most diseases are spread through saliva or saliva. And that's why the bowlers can't use saliva or saliva to keep the ball pillow right next time. If a bowler has done this, he will be punished at this level.