Corona test rates are much lower in West Bengal and the death rate is the highest – the Home Ministry


Bengali Hunt Desk: According to the Union Home Ministry, corona test rates are much lower in West Bengal and the death toll from infections is much higher. The death rate in the state is 13.2 percent. According to the Home Ministry, the death rate due to corona in West Bengal is much higher than other states.

The Home Ministry has given examples of crowding markets, bathing in rivers, playing cricket and playing football during lockdowns in West Bengal. Lockdown violations have been reported in several places in Kolkata and Howrah. It is learned that Tikiapara was even mentioned in the report of the Home Ministry.

From the very beginning, there was a discrepancy between the central and state reports. While the number of corona infestations and deaths in West Bengal was high in the Centre's ledger, it was much lower in the state ledger. Even though there were 10 red zones in the state in the central register, there were only 4 in the state register. A report from the Center later said that about 1,000 corona were infected in West Bengal. But the state then said they had about 600 corona patients.

Just a couple of days later, Chief Secretary of the state Rajiv Sinha told a press conference in Navanne that there were some mistakes on the part of the state. Rajiv Sinha then said that the reports of the tests done in various government and private labs in the state have not reached us. After that, the chief secretary said that a total of 1259 people in the state are affected by corona.