Corona Vaccine: WHO Dil Ananda Sangbad

BanglaHunt Desk: The World Health Organization (WHO) has brought good news. The right vaccine against corona virus (COVID-19) is coming to the market soon. Scientists say it could take about 12 to 16 hours to discover a vaccine against the deadly virus. But long before him, researchers have been able to make a cure for this disease by working quickly.

The corona vaccine is coming soon

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom told the UN Economic and Social Council on Monday that work on a coronavirus vaccine was in full swing. And the idea is that this vaccine will be ready ahead of time.

6 to 7 teams are working continuously

Researchers around the world have been working to find a cure for the Chinese corona virus since it spread around the world. The WHO chief said about 100 teams were involved in the discovery of the drug. But he has a total of 7 to 8 teams who, working day and night, are very close to making this vaccine, which is going to bring good news to the world.

Every country in the world needs to have a strong team of doctors

A team of about 400 scientists from around the world is monitoring the whole thing. But no one was able to succeed. Although the discovery of various drugs in different cases has given people temporary relief, the exact antidote has not yet been discovered. The lesson to be learned from this virus is that each country needs a strong medical team.

All that is needed now is money

The WHO has so far raised ৮ 8 billion for this work. But that is not enough. The Corona vaccine would cost the world a huge amount of money. Trades said it had previously applied to 40 countries for financial assistance. But then the rest of the countries have to come forward.