Corona virus adapted to the bodies of two passengers returning from London! Fear of new strains in the state


The corona virus has once again shaken the world. Corona's new strain has adapted to the whole of Britain, including London, in a new form. Already a new lockdown has begun across Britain. This time, the news of corona infection in the bodies of two Bengali passengers from London has spread fear in the entire state. The new adapted corona strain in the bodies of these two passengers is being investigated.

Microscopic illustration of the spreading 2019 corona virus that was discovered in Wuhan, China. The image is an artisic but scientific interpretation, with all relevant surface details of this particular virus in place, including Spike Glycoproteins, Hemagglutinin-esterase, E- and M-Proteins and Envelope.

Two of the passengers on the flight from London to Kolkata's Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport on Saturday did not have an RTPCR report. During routine check-ups, the corona virus is found in their body. Both passengers were rushed to hospital. One of the two passengers is currently undergoing treatment at Calcutta Medical College and the other at Rajarhat CMCI Hospital.

It is learned that samples of saliva of these two passengers are being sent to Pune. It is reported that their passengers are also being monitored. The coronavirus has so far been found in the bodies of six Londoners returning with these two passengers.

All airports in India, including London, have been shut down following the search for the new strain. The same adaptive corona strain has been found in Italy. A night curfew has already been imposed by the Maharashtra government to curb the infection.

At this moment when the corona vaccine has almost arrived, the search for a new strain has spread new panic. If this new strain spreads, the war may have to start anew.