Corona virus brought under control by South Korea, claims vaccine soon

It is now possible for the only doctor in the world to continue to fight Corona. There have been many cases of corona infection before. Many doctors and nurses have failed, but they are still trying.

The two fighters are Dr. Jung Eun-kayang, head of the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Marilyn Ado, head of the team researching the corona vaccine in Germany. They have been trying to handle the situation for a long time. Doctor Jung has been an important strategist in Korea to defeat Corona. It is reported that the doctor has developed the Ebola mars vaccine.

The Gupta religious community was the main center of transmission here. When many foreign media called him for an interview, he flatly refused and said that my first priority at the moment was something else. He worked one night and night to eradicate the disease. He has done a lot of work before.

His biggest achievements are Ebola and the Mars vaccine. Africa's Ebola vaccine is being tested after approval by the World Health Organization. Now he is busy making corona drugs. The corona virus seems to be getting stronger. And the number of corona sufferers is increasing by leaps and bounds. The whole world is in a weird situation now.

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