Corona virus could spread to water, scientists fear 13 years ago

BanglaHunt Desk: COVIED-19 is spreading panic all over the world. The whole world has to be repeatedly pushed against the unknown enemy. Covid-19 can also float through the air. Similar fears were reported a few days ago. However, this time the fear increased a few more times, the researchers claim, the corona virus (corona virus) can be spread through water!

Researchers have expressed similar fears recently in a report in the journal Environmental Science. According to Haizhou Li of the University of California and Vincenzo Nadio of the University of Salerno in Italy, further testing is needed to determine whether water can be corona-free at all when purifying water with water cycle and wastewater.

Earlier, the SARS virus was split into fragments and spread through the air. Researchers also said that the virus was infected in Hong Kong in the 24th through a fragmented aqueduct of a virus from a water tube. Research on the SARS virus, conducted in 2003, has shown that viruses survive a certain period of time in the absence of sterilization. As a result, the risk of infection increases a lot!

Although so far no evidence of corona infection through water has been found. It is important for scientists to investigate whether corona infection can also occur through water. The report makes it clear that developed countries have taken several steps to make the water virus-free. Developing countries should follow the same path.

Researchers say that chemists and biologists should study jointly. Because, if there is a possibility of getting coronavirus infected with water, then there will be a lot of poor people living in the village and in Sharatatli.

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