Corona virus: Donald Trump threatens to withhold WHO funding

BanglaHunt Desk: About all the countries around the world are infected with China (Chaina) on the Corona virus (COVID-19) China, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) have been silent despite all the information about the Corona virus. This time US President Donald Trump has informed WHO that America will no longer help the US. Moreover, the US claims that the WHO is 'a big supporter of China'.

America is now dying from the deadly virus. The number of people infected with the virus in the United States has exceeded 1 million and the death toll has exceeded 12,000. In this situation, the US president has become desperate to protect the people of his country. He also sought help from India. Again, the question of asking for his help has also been raised in various palaces. Now the US is about to deprive WHO of financial aid.

Trump claims, 'WHO did not support him when he wanted to stop serving with China as a result of the Corona virus. WHO then supported China despite knowing all about China's coronary virus'.
In this context, Trump threatened WHO, saying: “We give WHO about $ 5.8 billion. Sometimes you pay more than that. But now we will not give them this money to help China. Money is sent to the WHO from the United States, it will no longer be sent. WHO is one of China's biggest supporters right now.

When the media questioned the US president about this, he completely denied it and said, “No, I didn't say that.” I said that we will look into this matter. '

Again, according to US Republican Senator Martha Maskessley, the leader WHO's director general, Trades, should now resign. WHO is equally as guilty of being silent as knowing everything about China's coronary virus. Not only that, Trados also praised China's transparency in response to China's corona virus. In this regard, Maskelli said he never relied on any communist government. With the Chinese government hiding from everyone about the Corona virus created by their own country, the virus has now become a deathbed for the United States. This is why Trados should resign.

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