Corona virus: German church opens doors for Muslims' Eid prayers

BanglaHunt Desk: Prayer grounds in Germany have been opened since May 4, but those who pray will have to maintain a distance of one and a half meters (5 feet). Corona attacks are going on in Europe. Death procession in Germany. However, the church is open for Eid prayers. Everything has been arranged according to the social distance. The BBC reports this news. Martha Lutheran Church in Cruzburg, Berlin. Authorities say people from the local Muslim community will be able to perform Friday prayers at their church.

World Meter figures, meanwhile, indicate that Germany is rapidly rising to the top of the death toll in Corona. The death toll has crossed 6,000. More than 1 lakh 79 thousand affected. However, the highest death toll in Europe is still in England. This number has crossed 36 thousand.

The United States has the highest number of deaths at 96,000 in the world. Panicked Europe. Panicked Germany. However, places of worship for Muslims in Germany have been open since May 4th. It has been said that those who will pray should maintain a distance of 5 feet. The BBC reports this news. According to the report, the pastor of the church Monica Matthias took part in the prayers. This incident has caused a stir on social media.