Corona virus has spread due to obscenity and nudity! The claim belongs to Maulana of Pakistan

Bengali Hunt Desk: If we accept the comments made by Corona from neighboring Pakistan and Pakistan, the cradle of terrorism, then scientists and doctors from all over the world will have to go home. Maulana says that in order to survive from this disease, one does not have to look for vaccines or take out medicines. As one of Pakistan's leading clerics has said, the disease has become a global epidemic due to the growing obscenity and nudity around the world.

There has been a lot of controversy over Maulana's remarks. Rights activists and members of civil society have strongly condemned the remarks on state television. Maulana made the remarks to Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 23 to raise money for the people affected by Kovid-19.

Maulana Jamil has many followers in Pakistan. Maulana said, “God's wrath has come before the people in the form of Karona because of obscenity and nudity.” Maulana said, dance is being performed with the girls of my country. Their clothes are being shortened. When obscenity spreads in the society, this is how Allah sends His wrath. Maulana's remarks have been dubbed “severe humiliation” for women, half the population of a Muslim-majority country.

Barrister Maleka Bokhari, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice, wrote in a tweet: It is dangerous to combine the two together! Because violence against women is on the rise. ”