Corona Virus: India is helping India by giving medicines to 5 countries

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is now focused on one task. The whole world is looking for ways to get rid of the corona virus (COVDI-19). India has also been fighting against this deadly virus with its power. But even in this situation, India is not going to help other countries. At present, India has decided to export hydroxy chloroquine and other drugs to other countries besides the neighboring countries.

India has also sent six tonnes of medical supplies to neighboring Sri Lanka to overcome the crisis. According to the Foreign Ministry, the medical equipment was shipped to Sri Lanka by Air India special airline. The medical supplies sent from Sri Lanka, therefore, were sent there. That is why they gave many thanks to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India has also extended its aid to the Gulf countries during this time. Kuwait has also given a message of support to the Corona Correspondent to discuss the situation with the Sultan of Uman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And assured them of all cooperation. Only the Prime Minister of India is talking to the heads of other countries during the crisis and assuring assistance.

We know from the letter written by the President of Brazil that Brazil is also currently seeking help from India. India even sent a group of doctors to the Maldives for the first time. Still sent three months of medical supplies. India has said Kuwait will be assisted in this way. India has also come to other countries to deal with the Corona virus.

India has allies with most of the Gulf countries. That's why many countries in that direction have sought malaria drugs, hydroxy chloroquine and other drugs from India. At present, the world is seeking as much as possible to get rid of this problem. Now all the countries are desperate to get rid of the outbreak of the deadly virus. India is also trying hard. And he is also helping various countries again.

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