Corona virus kicks off again after infection ends in China

BanglaHunt Desk: The deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) has been spreading to China since January 2020. By February, thousands of people started getting the disease. And by the end of March, the Corona virus began to leave China. Initially, it was thought that the corona virus had completely departed from China, but like the aftermath of the tsunami, the disease returned to China.

It is clear from this point that it will not be possible to get rid of this virus so easily. Epidemiologist Anthony Flackl says, 'This is just the first step in the corona virus. There are many more steps left for this disease. On the one hand, the first phase of the disease spread all over the world, this time in China, the second phase.

At present, six people have been kept under the supervision of doctors in China. After stopping, the death toll is rising again in China. After recovering from the Corona virus, one is infected by another. Apart from China, this issue is also seen in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan. That is, the Corona virus is again spreading not only to China, but also to its surrounding countries. Which can spread slowly throughout the world. Despite being healed, people from different countries are re-reading the disease.

This new case of coronary trauma is again called asymptomatic case. People who are close to the disease are again able to spread the disease. Like China, now the Corona virus is coming back into the country, they have aggressively taken lockdown measures. That is why this event is happening again. Therefore, it is said that the virus should be eliminated first, without taking lockdown. Otherwise the pestilence will return again.

According to epidemiologist Anthony Flackl, 'the virus can end at one stage. But it will depend on the quarantine and the weather. It is not that the disease has ended when the number of coronary attacks does not increase. The disease can come back again. The virus can only come back if it is a little bittersweet. So people have to be aware to cope with this disease. '

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