Corona virus originates from a Chinese laboratory! America’s demand sealed!

Bangla Hunt Desk: The corona virus has been spreading panic across the country for almost a year and a half. The whole world was shocked by the first wave of the virus and now the second wave has come on it again. Which is several times more deadly. Researchers estimate that the third wave of this virus may come in a few days. While the first two currents did not affect the children in that way, the third wave is going to be much more deadly for them. However, even after a year and a half, the problem has not been solved yet. Corona virus is caused naturally? Or was China knowingly trying to use it as a biochemical weapon? And how did the virus spread all over the world from Uhan Lab during that research?

A few days ago, a study revealed that the origin of the Karana virus is in Uhan Lab. This time a report published by American Lab also acknowledged this issue. The report claims that the virus is more likely to be leaked from the lab. The Biden administration has taken steps in this regard a few days ago. They have already hired detectives to find out the matter within 90 days. Earlier, while President Trump was in office, an investigation was launched into whether the virus came from a Chinese laboratory. The Biden administration is also taking that investigation forward.

In May 2020, Lawrence Livermore’s National Laboratory in California began research into whether the virus was created in a Chinese laboratory, according to American News. The work continues depending on the genetic characteristics of the virus. Already, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan has said, “We will work with the international community to increase pressure on China.” So that they bring information and documents in front of everyone in a transparent manner. ” If China, like him, does not cooperate in this matter, then it is not possible to sit idly by. Brother America will continue to investigate like him.

Joe Biden will speak to ministers on his first foreign trip since taking office. According to sources, he will also raise this issue there.