Corona virus spreads to Asia's biggest slum, government risks all power to prevent infection

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona Corona, a 6-year-old man, died in the largest slum in Asia. The incident took place in the Mumbai slum. The entire business city has been in panic since then.

Concerns over Corona infection have been increasing for several days in Maharashtra. That concern was multiplied several times by the death of a person suffering from coronary disease in the slum dweller. The man was admitted to Sion Hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday evening. But could not be saved. The house where the deceased was staying has been sealed. Seven residents have already been sent to Quarantine, the administration said.

Apart from the clashes, the administration is also concerned about other areas of Mumbai (Mumbai). On Wednesday, Bhangrambi Municipal Corporation (BMC) dispatched four people to Quarantine from Orli Koliwara area in south Mumbai. BMC fears the infection could spread to that area of ​​Orali.

At the moment, the number of coronary attacks in the country reached two thousand. Maharashtra has already increased the number of coronary tract infections by four. In the meantime, concerns about catching infections in the slum dwellers had already spread. The death of the victim increased many times. Because the slopes, which cover five square kilometers, are extremely densely populated. Millions of people live there. It is the largest slum in Asia. As a result, there has been a worry in the administration's forehead over the death of an infection and coronary attack.

The BMC has identified at least five (145) places throughout Mumbai, where at least one has found the tragedy of the Corona attack. On that day, two nurses at Jessock Hospital were diagnosed with coronary infection. He was stopped outside the hospital.

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