Corona virus spreads to other end of China after this, danger may be more severe this time

BanglaHunt Desk: The Coronation Virus has spread to Harbin, China, in the Ice Sculpture Festival. Infections in the region are about to take a serious turn. This is a populated area in China. A large number of people live here. Still there are many workers in the area who come from Russia and work there. More than 1 million workers work there.

From there, the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spread to all over the world. The Chinese government has said that the corona virus has spread to the world but has come to China. Due to which they picked up the lockdown there. Corona infection has re-emerged in China even after the lockdown was lifted. But the exact amount of the Chinese government does not say.

Harbin, a popular region of China. Every year, people from different corners of the globe see the Ice Festival at this time of year. The Corona virus has also spread to the Chinese city of Harbin, Ice Festival, in the wake of a new Corona infection. Russia-China border is not sealed, now a large number of workers are moving to China through that area. The Chinese government is unable to prevent this from happening. As a result, the number of people infected with coronas is increasing. People hide their travel details, the Chinese government could not find them.

Now more and more workers are returning from the number of Russian workers who worked in China. Nowadays, people from Europe are also moving to China. The Chinese government has been unable to handle the issue despite the military reserves. As a result, it is feared that the number of Corona victims in Harbin will be in dire straits. Without knowing the sanctions of the government workers, the party is crowding in China.

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