Corona Virus: The Indian government took precautions, America neglected

BanglaHunt Desk: The more cautious the country is about the Corona Virus (COVID-19), the more secure they are. But those who did not take this issue seriously, they are in more trouble now. Since January, when the Corona virus was rampant, India began to warn against the virus. But they are in deep crisis right now because America is not careful from the beginning.

Shortly after the outbreak of the Corona virus in Wuhan, China, some 4,000 people from China reached the United States by air. Among the people who come to the United States, there are many people from China. Before US President Donald Trump shut down aviation service for the Corona virus, about 6 airlines landed in the US state. Through which millions of people from China reach America.

The corona virus is now widely used in the United States. To date, the number of coronary attacks in the United States has exceeded 1 million and the death toll has exceeded 3,000. In this situation America brings to the fore. They claim that many people from China came to the United States by air after the impact of the Corona virus. Many people came from there. About 5,000 people come to China from the United States without the president's ban.

It is further reported that these persons arriving in the United States have not been properly tested at the Chinese airport. As a result, they could not know if they had coronas. Corona infections have been reported in the United States since mid-January. According to Chinese aviation data, about 5,000 people came to the United States at that time.

India, on the other hand, started screening at the airport after receiving reports of coronary infection. In addition, the airline also shut down with him. And after the screening of the Indians returned from China, he arranged for them to be put in quarantine for protection. Until now, the Corona virus has not been able to contain its formidable form.

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