Corona virus was created in China lab, evidence of it!

Bangla Hunt Desk: The coronary virus from Wuhan in China has become epidemic worldwide. The whole world has been virtually overwhelmed by the corona virus. Developing countries around the world are also struggling to cope with the Corona virus. The Prime Minister has decided to lockdown in several countries to prevent coronary infection.

On the one hand, the entire world is struggling to deal with the Corona virus. Is the Novel Coronavirus really created from nature, or has this virus been created in China's lab! The debate about this has been in the beginning. The United States, Israel, and Iran have first claimed that Corona is not a virus, it is a deadly biochemical bomb made in its lab in China. Although China has dismissed it as a “conspiracy”.

This time, new evidence has come up against China, showing that the coronavirus has spread from China's lab. There is no way to deny it. A number of recent evidence indicates that the Nobel Coronavirus was not created by nature in a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

A long article published by the National Review's senior correspondent has been published. He has long been known with filmmakers and YouTube for producing documentaries. He also investigated the matter in detail. Recently, he uploaded several videos on YouTube. He claims to have been able to identify the source of the virus. This video contains a lot of information about the source of the virus.

Also, two questionable job offers were accidentally posted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology late last year. There, scientists were asked to study the “relationship between coronavirus and bats” and the job offer reads, “By accepting monkeys as research subjects, I will respond to the molecular mechanism of processes that last a long time without transmission of disease to the Ebola and SARS-related coronaviruses. Be able to stay with it and it will live longer. ”

The lab inaugurated another work on December 27th. Where the Chinese speak, Ty claims, “We have discovered a new and terrible virus and want to recruit people to deal with it.” “

Also mentioned as a possible source of coronavirus, the virus probably came from an animal that looked like a monkey. But Carlson points out that there is no colony of bats within 5 km of Wuhan in China. Also, no evidence has been found of the fact that the maize market was claimed to have been sold in China. There have been several indications that the coronavirus was manufactured in a Chinese lab.

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