Corona virus: WHO warns different countries over lockdown

BanglaHunt Desk: The number of coronary viruses (COVID-19) infected in the world is on the rise. The whole world has come together to fight this deadly virus. The number of coronary attacks in the whole world is around 1 lakh and the death toll is around 3 lakh. At this time, lockdown is the only way by which this virus can be protected from the virus. But in the meantime, some countries around the world are deciding to lift the lockdown. If the lockdown is lifted, the virus is more likely to spread. The pandemic of the Corona virus will spread more alarmingly around.

In this context, the World Trade Organization (WHO) 's major trades have given a direct message to these countries. He says, 'It is not right to decide on a matter with a jerk. I know some countries are deciding to lift the lockdown this time. But I would say that if this lockdown situation was taken up quickly, it would be in terrible shape. If the virus is not taken seriously, the future will not be good. ”

The WHO chief made the statement when more than four million people around the world died in the outbreak of the Corona virus. And the outbreak of this virus is increasing. Recently, China's open house for the virus was made public by lifting the lockdown. Since then, however, the transmission of the virus has continued to rise again in China.

Different countries are currently worried about lockdown. It is strengthening the protection of ordinary citizens, but it is weakening the economic condition of the country. That's why many countries around the world are deciding to lift the lockdown. And so the WHO chief warned those countries.

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