Corona virus will die in a special type of UV ray, claims America

BanglaHunt Desk: This time America gave a new information about the destruction of Corona virus (COVID-19) virus. A scientist at Columbia University, New York, said that the deadly virus would be exposed to a special type of UV ray, called ultra violet light.

The United States has suffered the most because of the Corona virus spreading beyond China. More than 12,000 people have been killed for this disease. And lots of people are still being treated for infections. This time, American scientists discovered a UV ray to help prevent the virus. David Brenner, director of the Center of Radiologic Research, has been researching UV light for many years.

Bacterial UV lights have been used to clean hospital rooms and machines. However, this light can cause human eye diseases and skin cancer. However, Far-UVC light can kill germs and is not dangerous to humans. Even human skin cells are not damaged.

Long before the existence of the Corona virus, American scientist David Brenner experimented with Far-UVC lighting. He experimented with how to use this light to destroy germs in the environment. In a 2016 ‘Scientific Report’, David Brenner and his co-authors stated that Far-UVC light is capable of resisting 95 percent of harmful viruses, such as the corona virus.

But now a team of David Brenner is experimenting with this Far-UVC light. These viruses are covered by a thin membrane, which is damaged by UV light. They are trying to find out how to cure this deadly virus by using a small amount of light.

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