Corona War: After the death of the newborn son, he could not comfort his wife until he came to work


Many fatalities of police and doctors have come out to confront Corona. One of these events is very heartbreaking. A policeman could not stand beside his son after doing his duty. His name was Arjun, who accompanied the police team to a coroner virus found in Sirmour to go home or leave.

So, he is not going home as a precaution. Arjun is often seen in traffic duty at Najan's main turns. It is learned that Arjun's wife Suman is also working in the police department. Arjun could not even meet his wife in this moment of mourning as she could have left Corona in the meantime. A lot of hardships keep in mind. He then spoke from afar and congratulated the self-serving wife at the hospital. But he keeps the pain of his mind in check.

On Friday, the boy's last work was completed. And he returned to duty, performing the program. In this way Arjuna's own immersion has gone. Arjun said that “in this moment of crisis, responsibility is everything, but it is important to prevent infection. According to Arjun, his mother is alone at home

. The wife is in Shiloh. His father died last year. ”The Corona virus, which has spread from China, has already arrived on earth as an angel of death. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. There is no way of knowing what is going on day to day and night to day. Because everyone is now home detained to escape danger. And the situation in India is very bad after China.

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