Corona war: Yogi Agra model applauds WHO from the ministry of the center


Banglahunt Desk: Agra Model made by Yogi Adityanath (Government of Uttar Pradesh) is now available to everyone for prevention of corona virus. From LOG Agarwal, appointed secretary of the Union Ministry of Health to WHO chiefs – all praise the Yogi. All spoke of the role of Agra as a role model in the transmission of corona virus (COVID-19). Although the number of coronary arteries in Agra is 3, the effects of the infection have not been very prevalent.

In Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the first symptoms of coronary virus were revealed. And from then on, the Uttar Pradesh government started strengthening security measures by the police. As a result, the malaria virus could not spread at that time. Hotspot areas are identified on the basis of high transmission there as directed by the central government. Apart from this, the Rapid Response Team, Buckley Sampling, all centers are sanitized except for the establishment of call centers.

In addition to receiving all these services, the entire region is divided into three parts.

First, the buffer zone – this zone identifies a zone of up to 5 km as a buffer zone, where preparations are made to deal with corona.

Second, the Containment Zone – within the buffer zone, the 5 km zone is identified as the AP center or containment zone.

Third, hotspots – When a person is attacked within a containment zone, their surroundings and the area of ​​people, roads and relatives are sealed as hotspots.

The Agra administration has worked closely with the Center, WHO and the state to address the issue of the Corona virus. As a result, they have received the help they need. That is why no coronary affected person is still in crisis in Uttar Pradesh. WHO also praised the Agra administration's actions. According to the WHO, the only cure for any infection is to find the source of the disease and treat it. You need to find out where the victim was, who he met. Only then will the disease be cured.

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