Corona Warrior: An eight-month-pregnant woman is faithfully performing her duties in the scorching sun.


Bengali Hunt Desk: In the war against Corona, everyone is giving their best. Whether it's a police officer or a health worker, everyone is determined to put their personal problems aside and enforce the lockdown and reach out to the people.

Such a case has come to the fore from Pilibhit. There, an eight-month-pregnant woman is performing her duties as a health worker. In the midst of various problems, he says it is his responsibility, and he will fulfill it with complete devotion.

ANM Preeti deployed at Sirsa crossroads in Puranpur Kotwali area is eight months pregnant. He has been constantly testing outsiders on foot on the National Highway. When Preeti was asked about working in this situation, she said, I have got the responsibility and I will fulfill this responsibility with full devotion.

When Preeti is asked, does the health department know it? Then Preeti said, the doctor told me to do my duty for four more days, then I will give the responsibility to someone else in your place. Preeti said, there is no complaint against anyone. Standing in the scorching sun on the highway, he continues to test the workers coming from outside.