Corona Warrior: Improved stethoscope banal Bombay IIT to protect doctors


BanglaHunt Desk: The number of coronas (COVID-19) victims is jumping in India. Despite the state of lockdown, the number of victims has continued to rise. In this situation, the Indian government is facing severe crisis. So far in India, the number of Corona attacks is close to two thousand.

At this point, the nature of the coroner is not spreading to doctors and nurses. At any moment, we will reach the third stage of the corona infection. In this scenario, a team from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B) in Bombay has developed a “digital stethoscope” that can listen to and record heartbeats remotely. Can be done As a result, doctors do not have to go to the patient, less risk of coronary infection.

Guwahati has taken steps to prevent Corona as well. They have created a machine that will release a huge area in just 5 seconds. It is reported that the machine was manufactured under the government's directive, which could, in a short time, disinfect a large part. They are also thinking of building robots to deliver food and other supplies to patients.

In the meantime, the Government of India has launched an app that will make it easier to identify people with coronary artery. It will be connected through smartphones. If you turn on Bluetooth and data by turning on the smartphone location, this app will start working.

If a person comes in contact with a coronary person somewhere, this app will be informed via. Again, even if a healthy person arrives within 5 feet of a healthy person, this app will start working on him. This app is named 'Healing Bridge' (Aarogya Setu).

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