Corona Warrior: Students make low-cost ventilators


BanglaHunt Desk: India's health services will face a catastrophic disaster if the Corona epidemic reaches its third stage in India. Experts say that the number of ventilators available at this time in India is very small compared to the amount of ventilators required in the third phase. This time the students came forward to relieve the crisis.

The student startup company has developed a prototype of ventilator that can be used in case of emergency. Manufacturers believe the small-scale ventilator will play a significant role in combating the ongoing Corona epidemic in India. Ventilator Tea will cost around Tk 20,000.

Besides, Indian Railways has developed low cost ventilators at the Kupurtala Rail Coach factory, which can save thousands of lives at a time with a shortage of medical equipment to fight the coronary virus.

The rail has already created a prototype for that ventilator. Production can start immediately after receipt of ICMR exemption. RCF general manager Rabindra Gupta said, “Without compressors, it will cost around Rs 10,000. If we have all the materials after ICMR approval, we will be able to produce 100 ventilators a day, ”he said.

Note that the prototype is made from materials found in the factory – the portable compressor is made from an air cooling machine, the body is made from components of the coach, the argon flow meter is taken from a laser welding machine and the microprocessor is taken from the coach's data.

The 5-member team behind Life has brought only two controllers – a regulatory valve and a microprocessor – from Delhi and Noida. RCF used the emergency transit service to get two components by road and train during lockdown.

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