Coronary patient had to come out of the hospital to eat tea, lithe eyes! After the news of the terror in the whole area


Bangla Hunt Desk: Hazaribagh, a second Corona Positive patient, was found in Jharkhand. Then the whole Hazaribagh was created a panic of terror. But then, when the townspeople found out that the coronary patients who were on quarantine would leave the hospital and go to the famous Jhanda Chowk in Hazaribagh, they would have some trouble.

Not only that, the coronary patient also bought medicines from the shops in front of the hospital. Simultaneously, the hotel used to have lithe eyes. The coroner sufferer acknowledges this. Then the district administration got a night's sleep.

On the other hand, Circular Officer of Hazaribagh Sadar Megha Vrodwaj said the persons contacting the patient were being examined. Along with this, it has been informed in the area that those who came in contact with the patient should come to the hospital by themselves.

Megha Varadwaj said magistrates have been appointed in several quarantine centers at Hazaribagh. This step is taken so that no one can get out of the quarantine center.

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