Corona's push this time also on mobile recharge, vodafone and airtel are going to increase the price


Banglahunt Desk: Last December, all telecom companies including vodafone and airtel increased the price of recharge plan by up to 40 percent. They could raise prices by up to 10 percent again in the next few months, according to CNBC.

Vodafone airtel going to hike recharge plan soon

It is learned that vodafone, airtel may increase the price by 2 to 5 percent between September and October. This price may increase up to 10 percent in the next 6 months.

Rajiv Sharma, an analyst at SBI Caps, says telecom companies will soon raise prices again. That price will increase further in the next few quarters.

Bharti airtel

Another analyst named Prashant Singhal is saying the same thing. According to him, the telecom companies are facing huge losses due to the Corona epidemic. To reduce that loss, telecom companies will increase prices in the next 12 to 18 months.

Vodafone idea

In addition, sources in India's telecom ministry say they have recently legalized online SIM verification. From now on, if you submit the required documents in the online portal, you will get the connection of the telecom company of your choice at home. SIM card will also be delivered at home. Uploading photos and other documents will send an OTP to the customer's other mobile number. And if you enter this OTP or one time password in the right place, your number will be activated