Corona's shadow in the peasant movement! Two IPS officers were attacked in Kovida, raising fears


Bangla Hunt Desk: Two IPS officers of the police deployed at Singhu Border have been attacked by Corona. According to the news agency ANI, the officer in charge of police in the farmers' front protesting on the Tsinghu border has been attacked by Corona. According to Delhi Police, one DCP and one additional DCP have been infected with corona.

The Delhi Police yesterday distributed roses and masks to the agitating farmers to prevent them from contracting the coronavirus. At the same time, the farmers applied for the covid test. Farmers have made it clear that they will not test the covid. The police personnel present there were subjected to covid test. However, the team was sent back after five to seven policemen underwent covid tests.

The general public breathed a sigh of relief as all the roads from Delhi to Noida were opened on Wednesday evening at the Chilla border. Farmers said Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police had repeatedly made other requests to clear the road. Then on Wednesday evening the farmers left the road. Farmers said that after the road was reopened, Delhi Police distributed white gopals and masks among the farmers on Thursday afternoon. And the Uttar Pradesh police gave them red roses as gifts.